By now you've heard of Officer Colin of Ithaca. Colin Hayward is the youngest member of the Ithaca Police Department.

Colin didn't become an officer because he had a brain tumor. He became an officer because he was courageous.

The now Ithaca based Hayward family should have been celebrating Colin's second birthday, instead they found out the light of their life had a brain tumor.

Doctors needed to operate immediately. They successfully removed most of the tumor and Colin had some time.

When August of that year came around, Colin had developed more tumors. His family was told he wouldn't survive.

That's when St. Jude Children's Research Hospital gave the family hope.

From Ithaca, NY to Memphis, Tennessee, the Hayward family was on the move to save their son. St. Jude performed a third surgery on Colin's brain and he pulled through.

He began to walk, talk, and eat. He even went back to school. He was a normal child again.

Colin spent 5 years cancer free. Five years the family never thought was possible on his second birthday.

They had hope.

In 2015 Colin relapsed. He took his last breath peacefully on March 17, 2017 surrounded by the ones he loved.

Some would say that Colin lost his battle with cancer. I would say he won.

Colin was a fighter, he kicked cancer's butt. He was able to inspire people to take on their battles head strong. Colin inspired patients to never give up, keep on fighting.

He taught us to be selfless.

When Colin became an officer, he didn't do it because he was sick. He didn't do it because he was fulfilling a dream in the short amount of time he had.

He did it because he wanted to help people. Even through a brain tumor, Colin wanted to make a difference.

When you donate to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, you give hope to these children. You help families like the Hayward's get 9 more years with their child.

They weren't promised anytime with Colin.

St. Jude gave them that time. St. Jude gave them that hope.


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