They say that everything has its price and isn’t that the truth! Apparently people are now paying to get more “likes” on social media.

It’s really sad to me that we live in a world where some people are so desperate for approval from others, particularly in the world of social media, that they’re actually hiring consultants to help them get more likes from people. And if you think the service doesn’t cost too much, think again.

The New York Post reports that just the initial consultation can cost up to $150 per hour, with the price going up if their results are good.

So who are these consultants? They’re generally photographers or designers who pitch in to help people who use Instagram get more attention of their products. I can understand a business using a consultant to draw more people to their product, especially if they're a small business without a lot of time to focus on their social media, which is actually an important way to highlight what they offer.  But, the service isn’t just limited to people with products to sell. Some non-business, average every day people are using the service because they simply want to be more popular and they want to re-style themselves as a "brand" instead of just another boring person.

Melody Wilding is a psychotherapist who has a very strong warning about overdoing the branding thing, saying, “Instagram could be gone tomorrow. Who would you be if you can’t say you’re so-and-so from Instagram? It’s important to know the answer to that question.”

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