"We're number one! We're number one!" That's what Binghamton was saying last year after winning the New York State Golden Snowball contest. It certainly helped that we got 44 inches of snow in December of 2020, instead of the 20 inches that was being called for.

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If there's a competition that I don't mind not finishing first in, it would be the NYS Golden Snowball. So how are we doing for this season so far? Our total snowfall is about half of last year's and you can go here to see how it looks so far.

By most accounts, the snowfall in the Southern Tier is below our average. I don't mind being below average when it comes to the white stuff lying on the ground in our area.

I have a more important question to ask. When will we see the last snowfall in the Southern Tier? Spring is still a month away (March 20th) and I don't know about you but I don't want to wait that long. I am already so done with winter.

Last Southern Tier Snowfall For 2022

When do you think the Southern Tier will get its last snowfall for Winter 2021-2022? There have been years when we got our last snow in April and other years, it was in May. There hasn't been a year when the snow stopped in March, at least not from what I can see on this graph that goes back to the winter of 2015-2016.

For the last seven winters, we've generally seen our last snow around the second week of April. The exception is the weird winter of 2020-2021 (when we got four feet of snow in one day) when our last snow happened on May 9th.

What is your prediction? Do you think we'll get lucky and our last snow will come sometime in early March? Do you think it's more likely that our last snow will come in the middle of April? Or do you think our last snow will happen in May (man, I hope not!)?

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