When was the last time you picked up your smart phone? 20 Minutes? 10 minutes?  Maybe you’re reading this on our phone app. Does phone addiction exist?

Look around the room, in the car next to you or any public place, people are staring down at that rectangular gadget we carry around with us, our Smart Phones.

According to the website The Buzz, there is no medical diagnosis for Smart Phone addiction, however there is a common link to addicted behaviors, such as the amount of time we spend using them, and the dangerous situations we encounter, like texting while driving.

There seems to be a dependency on having our smart phones close by, and checking them on a regular basis.

If you kept a record of how much time you spend and how often you use your phone on a daily basis you would probably be quite surprised.

There are apps that can help you keep track of your phone usage.

If you think you have to put restrictions on your smart phone use, it’s probably gotten pretty bad.

Smart Phones are a big convenience in our modern world, some use them more than others, but only the individual can decide whether they have a problem with the amount of time spent on them.

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