Technology has brought us along way streamlining many items we use in our daily lives in to a revolutionary rectangular device that we call the Smart Phone.

I remember buying a digital alarm clock with money I earned from a summer job, it was actually numbers that rotated like a rolodex, but it was state of the art for the 1970’s.

My uncle bought one of the very first calculators, it was a basic bare bones multifunction device that set him back over $300, you can get a smaller and much better calculator for 5 bucks in most checkout lines or dollar generals.

The telephone answering machines became popular in the early 1980’s before that most people did not have them, today every type of mobile phone has one.

The 80’s also introduced the portable music machines called Walkman’s, they required batteries and if you used the cassette player option, you had to take extra batteries with you, today every smart phone has music, and video.

The world at your fingertips, camera’s, video recorders, GPS Maps, weather, all the things mentioned above and a compass too.

The Smart Phone has brought many of the daily items we use to the edge of extinction.

Ask most of your friends and family to recite your phone number and I would be willing to bet, outside of your mom or grandmother they wouldn’t have a clue without looking into their phone contacts.

Yes this is where technology has taken us, sometimes a little overwhelming, but would anyone really want to go back to land line phones and road maps?

Personally I raise my Smart Phone and say ahhh No!

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