I had such a hard time for so many years when it came to making too much food because I grew up in a huge family and really only knew how to cook for nine people (the number in my family growing up). My husband used to laugh at me because I'd make a casserole for just the two of us and we'd eat it for lunch and dinner for a week and still have leftovers. Jay's co-workers loved it because at the end of the week, he'd take the leftovers to work and his co-workers would have their own smorgasbord.

Much to the chagrin of my husband's co-workers, I've finally got a handle on cooking for two and food waste is virtually non-existent in our house anymore.  If you want to stop wasting food, here are six tips that will help you reach that goal.

  • 1

    Store Cottage Cheese or Sour Cream Upside Down

    According to Life Hacker, when you store your sour cream or cottage cheese upside down, it creates a vacuum that keeps that icky bacteria from growing in the container. Another tip? Make sure the lid is on really tight before you give this a try!

  • 2

    Use Paper Towels to Line the Bottom of the Veggie Drawer in Your Fridge

    Have you ever bought veggies and put them in a drawer in your fridge only to discover that they've turned to mush within a few days? Kitchn offers up this tip to prolong the life of your veggies: lay some paper towels in the bottom of your veggie drawer. Doing this will absorb the extra moisture and keep your vegetables better for a longer period of time.

  • 3

    Before You Put a Block of Cheese Away, Spread Butter on the End You Cut From.

    Life Hacker is back with another money saving tip, and this time it's all about cheese. It's the worst when you buy a brick of cheese, cut a piece off, wrap it in plastic wrap, stick it in a baggie and then...boom! The cheese has somehow magically sprouted mold. Life Hack says to prevent this spread a little button on the end before you do all the other sealing things. The butter will seal in the moisture.

  • 4

    Make Veggies Crunchy Again With a Bowl of Ice Water

    Is your celery limp and sad looking? The Fruit Guys suggest that you give your celery, along with your carrots, radishes, and even your leafy greens crunchy new life by putting them in a bowl of ice water for a couple minutes. Easy peasy!

  • 5

    Never Throw Away Honey

    Fun fact from the Cheat Sheet, honey doesn't really ever go bad. If your honey turns cloudy or if it starts to crystallize, take it back to its liquid sticky state simply by running the bottle under some hot water.

  • 6

    Don’t Separate Bananas Until You’re Ready to Eat Them

    Most people don't like mushy bananas. While I've never tried this trick, the people at Cosmopolitan claim that if you avoid separating your bananas until you're ready to eat them, they'll last long. It's worth a try, right?

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