Way back in January, you resolved to be more healthy this year and here we are at the end of May and you've kept to your word. But what's a person supposed to do on one of the biggest weekend of the year for cookouts filled with not so healthy foods? You've got this! Here are some grilling tips to help you keep to your healthier you goal.

  • 1

    Don’t overdo the sweetness

    Adding a small amount of a sweet ingredient like fruit juice, brown sugar, honey or molasses to your marinade can be a good thing. But too much sweetness causes the meat to burn on the grill and all that sweetness isn't exactly great for your healthy you plan.

  • 2

    Throw some veggies into the mix

    I'm HARDCORE addicted to grilled veggies. Here's a simple way to enjoy: coat some zucchini, asparagus, and mushrooms with a little olive oil or canola oil and put them on the grill. And, don't worry about overcooking them. They can handle a lot of of heat. One of my favorite things to do is coat my veggies in olive oil and then hit them with some Mrs. Dash because it adds a little flavor without the sodium.

  • 3

    Take the skin off your chicken

    Did you know that half of the fat and saturated fat in chicken breast and thigh is in the skin? Yep, it's delicious, but take it all off.

  • 4

    Watch your serving sizes

    It's easy to get wrapped up in all the amazing food spread before you, but don’t let your guard down. Keep an eye on those portion sizes.