Did you hear about the guys who are already camped out waiting for Thanksgiving shopping? Unreal.

A guy named Jonas Allooh and nine of his friends have been camping out the past few days at a Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Best Buy. They're staying in tents that contain a space heater, a bed, a microwave oven, a television and a game console.

The 10 guys say they're in line to buy a TV and a computer monitor.

Really? Who wants to bet Jonas guy is being paid to camp out there to raise publicity for the store? If so, it worked since I've just told you about it.

I used to be a hardcore Black Friday shopper with a game plan.  I laid out all the circulars and circled things and drew up a map of what stores I wanted to go to. I even enlisted a bag boy- my best friend, a guy with no interest in shopping but who'd get a free breakfast for following me around and holding my bags and making runs to the car to drop them off.

But this was when I was younger and life wasn't what it is now. There was a time I lived for this stuff, but now I really can't imagine camping out for 10 days in the cold just to dodge shoulders, snatching fingers and dirty looks on the most insane shopping day of the year.

Oh, and ladies, as a public service message: be warned. If you're thinking of enlisting a bag boy and dangling a free breakfast in front of him, it generally only works for one or two years. After that, this is what you'll end up with:

Traci Taylor

Oh and one more thing- another upside to having a bag boy is that if he's about the size of your son or brother, he makes a perfect clothing trier-oner. Because who wants to waste their time buying a Christmas outfit for somebody and then it not fitting?

Traci Taylor