I love dogs. I have four myself and three of them are from shelters. I'm sure I'm projecting human emotions on them, but I feel like a pet that you get from a shelter appreciates you more...and appreciates their adoptions more. They seem to be more loyal and loving. I know, I know it's all in my head...probably.

That's why this story out of Niagara, New York is so sweet and makes me so happy this time of year. There was a dog named Bonita, who is a Pit Bull Mix and had been waiting to be adopted for 500 days from an animal shelter. Everyone loved her at the shelter, but for some reason the right person hadn't walked in the door looking for a dog like Bonita...until last week. Here's video of Bonita going home with her forever family. Look how excited she is....try to tell me that dog isn't appreciative to be with her new family.

So, if you're thinking about a new pet for the family. Always check out the local animal shelters. There you will find some of the most appreciative pets to join your family.

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