In the midst of a Pandemic New York State still had to put forth a budget that would somehow address the shortfalls brought about before and after COVID-19 struck.

Cuomo laid out two separate budgets for residents of the state. On one hand we could have a budget that "advances aggressive post COVID-19 Reconstruction" or one that would be of a great detriment, should the Federal Government not get involved. All told, Cuomo feels that there needs to be at least $15 Billion in aid given by the Feds.

Several local leaders and state organizations have reacted to Cuomo's address which took place on Tuesday. One of those organizations that spoke out is a union that isn't always in lock-step with the Governor. The New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) released a statement shortly after Cuomo's address. NYSUT sided with Cuomo in that the possibility of two different budgets is a wake up call to Washington. NYSUT reps stated,

This tale of two budgets is stark and a clear message to Washington that New York needs its fair share in additional stimulus funding. We agree. But, as we’ve said since last year, a two-pronged approach to the state’s fiscal crisis that includes additional federal funding for public services and new state taxes on the ultrawealthy is a long-term imperative.

Other leaders reacted, some in critical fashion to the Governor's proposed budget. Assemblyman John Salka released a statement saying that Cuomo failed to adequately address how he would be handling the $15 Billion budget shortfall. Salka says,

Much of what we heard was the governor bashing Washington, while refusing to take any blame. New Yorkers are anxious to see how we will climb out of this massive budget deficit, as tax hikes and layoffs are something, which directly affects them. New York has faced budget deficits long before COVID-19 due to the unrealistic and costly policies the governor has implemented over the last 10 years.

Somehow the problem has to be fixed. Who knows what the answer is, but it's likely with a new President being inaugurated Wednesday, Cuomo might have his wish of a bailout. Some other highlights Cuomo pointed out in his address included Green Energy solutions, legalized Marijuana and others.

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