For lovers of beer who are stuck holding an empty glass while the bar is crowded four-deep, time can feel like an eternity.

John Goodman understands and decided to do something about it by coming up with a pretty awesome solution to long waits for beer. He created self-service beer taps.

Goodman launched Pour My Beer after he'd gone out for drinks with friends and had to wait more than 20 minutes for another round. Goodman realized that there had to be a better to way for patrons to get drinks and for the bar to make more money. Pour My Beer 2011 by invested $20,000 of his own money.

The concept behind Pour My Beer is that there are beer tables with self-service taps. Goodman then took the idea to a new level with self-service "beer walls," which let people pour their own beer from taps on a wall. Customers don’t have to wait for beer and the bars and restaurants are able to sell more beef, which makes them more money.

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