There is something we can all look forward to tonight and something we can do together. Look to the sky for a beautiful pink supermoon. According to USA Today, tonight (April 7, 2020), the sky will display a Super "Pink" Moon. This will be the biggest and brightest full moon all year long. Don't get too excited to see the moon turning pink. It is only a name given to this moon. The name comes from a pink wildflower that blooms this time of year.

You should be able to see the pink supermoon on Tuesday night (April 7th) at 10:35 pm. This will be the closest the moon will be to Earth so it will look very big and bright to all who can see it. It is about fourteen percent bigger and thirty percent brighter than a normal full moon.

The next time to see something like this will be another supermoon that will occur on May 7th.

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