A second defendant in what’s been called Broome County’s “Million Dollar Drug Bust” is expected to spend over a decade in prison after pleading guilty to felony criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Broome County Sheriff Dept. mug shot, Johnnah DeGraw

31-year-old Johanna DeGraw entered her plea this week, days after and 37-year-old Maroln Graham pleaded guilty to two felony drug possession counts.

Broome Sheriff Dept. mug shot Marlon Graham

DeGraw and Graham were arrested at their Wheeler Street Deposit home and prosecutors said Degraw had 36.6 grams, that’s 2.475 pounds of heroin in her possession.

The November 30th raid also turned up over 4 pounds worth of methamphetamine and over 2 pounds of the deadly synthetic drug, Fentanyl.  The total street value of the drugs was estimated at over $1.4 million.

Graham is looking at a 15 year prison term when he’s sentenced in May while DeGraw is expected to be sentenced at the end of this month to 12 years in prison.