If you're a lover of beer then you've probably heard of Blue Moon beer, but do you know what a pink moon beer is?  If you don't- you fill up a pint glass with Blue Moon beer, leaving enough room to add in a shot or two of Lindemans Framboise lambic (a Belgium raspberry beer). That's it. That's all that it takes to make a pink moon drink.

But what does it take to literally make beer on the moon? Well, a group of engineering students at University of California San Diego is on a mission to find out.

According to the Telegraph, the students won a Lab2Moon competition and as part of the winning, they'll have the opportunity to experiment making beer on the moon. Yeast will be launched into space and the students will research whether or not beer can be brewed on the surface of the moon.

The research won't just potentially benefit beer lovers around the globe, but will also offer a look into the possibility of creating other things from pharmaceutical products to foods that contain yeast, like dough.

If beer is the name of your game, don't forget that Binghamton on Tap, our 3rd Annual Craft Brew Celebration returns on Saturday, February 25th!

[via Telegraph]

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