It feels like summer just started and yet here we are, already thinking about back-to-school season. The stores shelves were packed with pens and paper a month ago and and parents are frantically taking to social media with the hope another parent will share their class supply list.

You don't even want to know how much I dread the thought of my son going to school. It's not the schools that are the problem. It's me. My little boy is only two-years-old, but the last two years have flown by and I know the next two also will and then the next thing we know, John will be headed off to school while I stand, waving at his bus, bawling my eyes out.

For those who've already endured what I'll soon be going through and have sent their little ones off to school, mornings are generally insane with everyone running in every direction trying to get everything done before heading out the door to catch the bus or head to work.

I'm pretty sure most parents would agree that mornings would be less stressed and a whole lot happier if school were to start a little bit later. Not late enough for you to be late to work, but late enough to get everything done that needs to be done for the start of the day.

According to Live Science, the CDC has found that reducing morning chaos isn't the only reason it would be beneficial to kids for school to start later.  For your kids to have better health during the school year, they should start their day later. The average school day starts at 8:03am and researchers think it should start at 8:30am or later. 27 minutes might not sound worth like much, but the big problem with the earlier mornings is that kids just aren't getting enough sleep and the lack of sleep isn't only affecting their grades, but it's also dangerous for their health and safety.

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