Anyone who has been caught in line at the door leaving Sam's Club knows what is coming next. You wait for your receipt and the items in your cart to be scanned. This can be the longest part of the entire shopping trip, but that is all about to change.

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Sam's Club is owned by Walmart, and they are shaking things up by using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to scan your cart instead of having receipt checkers at the door.

The company says that this means faster checkout and less hassle for customers. The company is testing the AI technology in ten stores and plans to implement it everywhere, including New York by the end of 2024.

Goodbye, Receipt Checks - Hello, AI Cart Scan

Many people hate that they have to stop after paying for their purchases and have their receipt and cart items scanned. Sam's Club says it knows that the process annoys a lot of its customers and that their new AI system will scan shopper's carts faster and more efficiently. It'll be checked as they're walking out of the store so everyone can leave as soon as they've paid for their purchases.

How Does This New Technology Work?

Get ready for some sci-fi stuff. At Sam's Club, they've set up gateways with cameras and sensors. These gateways take pictures of your cart and use computer magic to instantly recognize every item. The AI-powered system then verifies your purchases in a flash.

Coming Soon to a Store Near You

Sam's Club is currently testing the AI cart scan at ten locations, and if all goes well, they'll introduce it to the nearly 600 stores by the end of the year.

Bigger Picture

They say this isn't just about skipping receipt check, it's about making shopping better, easier, and more fun. Sam's Club says it is leading the charge in changing the retail industry so maybe other big retailers will follow suit and we'll see AI cart scans popping up everywhere soon.

A Smoother Shopping Trip

No more fumbling for receipts or dealing with those inconvenient checks. Sam's Club says it is all about listening to what its customers want and making the shopping experience faster and more convenient.

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