For the second year in a row pizza giant Pizza Hut is releasing an amazing marketing campaign: pizza shoes.

Unfortunately, they are now shoes made entirely of pizza which is something I am completely on board with. Instead, they are shoes inspired by the old school Reebok pumps that will order pizza for you. You simply pump the top of the shoe, and Pizza Hut will deliver a fresh, hot pie right to your door.

The convenience of this is absolutely incredible. Hungry at church, pump your shoes. Hungry at the dentist, pump your shoes. Stuck in the bathroom, pump your shoes. It's Pizza Hut on demand.

The Pie Tops II (great name) will be highly coveted. Only 50 pairs will be available for purchase at but people can win the kicks via Pizza Hut's social media accounts.

Owners of the shoe can connect their shoes to the Pie Tops app or to their television. During the upcoming March Madness games, Pie Tops wearers can order a pizza easily without missing a minute of the action.

I need to get my hands on these things! The only problem is accidentally bumping your shoe and ordering a pizza.

Actually, thats a welcome surprise.

[via WBNG]


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