A couple of months ago, I was going to my broadcast as NASCO Home and Flooring on Upper Front Street in Binghamton. When I pulled in the driveway, I noticed that all the signage was off the Pizza Hut building.

They had closed unexpectedly with no warning or explanation and I wondered what was next for that location. I heard rumors and on Saturday, January 19th, the rumors were confirmed thanks to the snow storm and Facebook.

The Spiedie& Rib Pit announced it on their Facebook page. They knew that everyone was home because of Winter Storm Harvey, so it was a great time to make the official announcement that they were expanding.

They will be moving next door from their current location to the former Pizza Hut building. They'll be there by this summer and they promise more seating, an outdoor patio, beer, wine, fantastic food along with some new items.

They are looking for suggestions that you would like to see at their new place, go here to make your suggestions and see the new layout. They are always busy at their current location and it'll be nice to have a little extra room when I stop in.

I always look forward to Summer and now I have another reason for it to get here quick. C'mon Summer...and I'm not saying that because it's cold now.

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