If you don't know what a 'Garbage Plate' is, I contend that you aren't from New York! If you are a foodie from New York and you are talking about the legendary 'Garbage Plate' on national television and you say the place that created it is closed, I contend that you might get in a Twitter war.

Around the world people understand New York owns bragging rights for our Buffalo wings, cheesecake, etc. Then we have those one of a kind, only in New York, dishes like a 'Garbage Plate' and the best place to enjoy a plate is where it was created, Nick Tahou Hots in Rochester. Which, by the way, is still open!

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On Wednesday Today on NBC had their "Today Food" segment featuring Andrew Rea from the YouTube channel Babish Culinary Universe. Rea, a Rochester native, explained his version of the “Garbage Plate,”. During the segment, which has since been edited, Rae mistakenly stated that Nick Tahou Hots, the Rochester diner famous for its Garbage Plate, was closed.

That statement and more didn't sit well with Nick Tahou Hots as you can see by these quotes and Tweets.

Andrew, what an embarrassment! TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT! WE are NOT closed and you should do HISTORY on something when you go on national TV to copyright and make a dish that's not yours! You could not even come up with your own name for the dish. - Nick Tahou Hots via Twitter (Tweet has been deleted)

To his credit, Rae did Tweet his apology.

While they 'hash' things out let's remind you what a 'Garbage Plate' is. Take a bunch of macaroni salad or baked beans, fried potatoes, hamburger, hot dogs or chili and lump it together. This is not the actual recipe. It's probably not even close. For the real thing, go to Nick Tahou Hots, they are open for business.

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