In an attempt to navigate its Chapter 11 bankruptcy and restructure its operations, Rite Aid recently announced the closure of nearly 100 stores nationwide, leading many in Binghamton to wonder about the fate of the Binghamton and Endwell stores.

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Out of the approximately 100 Rite Aid stores set for closure, at least 17 of them are located in New York State, according to A&G Real Estate Partners, the firm overseeing Rite Aid's real estate portfolio.

The affected locations span different counties, cities, and neighborhoods throughout New York, including Buffalo, Floral Park, Levittown, New York City, Port Jefferson, and Smithtown. These closures will undoubtedly leave a void in each community, affecting both customers and employees alike.

While many communities in New York will see their local Rite Aid store close, it appears that both the Binghamton and Endwell stores have been spared from closure as those locations do not appear on the list of 100 stores the company plans to close.

Rite Aid's decision to close stores is not surprising given more and more consumers are turning to online stores such as Amazon, or turning to mega-retailers like Walmart and Target. Often, these retailers can offer more product choices and competitive pricing which has placed a financial strain on stores such as Rite Aid.

Rite Aid has also faced legal troubles related to accusations of filing unlawful opioid prescriptions for customers. As a result, Rite Aid accumulated nearly $3 billion in losses over the past six years.

To address its financial challenges, Rite Aid secured $3.5 billion in financing and debt reduction agreements from lenders, allowing the company to stay open amid its bankruptcy proceedings. Rite Aid hopes to recoup some of its financial losses through restructuring efforts, store closures, and the sale of certain businesses, including prescription benefit provider Elixir Solutions.

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