It is a fact of life Women wait much longer to use a public bathroom than men, so should restrooms be unisex?

I was in El Paso last month at a water park, we were standing next to the restrooms, and I couldn’t help but notice that there was a long line outside the women’s entrance, while the men’s entrance was empty.

There was a recent article in Phys stated that women wait almost 2 and a half minutes, men wait a little over 30 seconds.

The Phsy article also says that if public restrooms were made unisex it would drastically reduce a women’s wait, while slightly increasing a man’s wait time.

Alright I have sympathy for the whole bathroom issue for women, but urinals are urinals, and commodes are commodes.

I have cleared out the men’s room to allow a woman who really couldn’t wait to go in and I would gladly do it again

The Phsy articles says unisex will reduce a women’s wait by 400%.

Men are more likely to use the urinal, unless they have to go number two, so I don’t see a man’s wait time changing.

I would think a better solution would be to increase the number of commodes in the ladies room, or build a different kind of urinal designed for women.

There is also the privacy issue who wants to expose themselves in front of the opposite sex, most of us don’t want to do that.

I do agree that something needs to be done to reduce a woman’s wait time for the bathroom, especially at large venues where the wait can be very distressful.


‘Here are a few ideas in this video


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