The long-awaited New York legislative investigation into actions of the former Governor is finding Andrew Cuomo did, indeed engage in sexual harassment of women, had state-paid employees work on his book and underreported COVID-19 related nursing home deaths.


The Assembly Judiciary Committee released its report Monday, November 22 after pouring over the records for two days last week.

Prior to the release, Assemblyman Phil Steck told the Associated Press that the report showed the Cuomo administration intentionally underreported the number of COVID-related deaths of nursing home patients, particularly those who passed away after being transferred from an extended-care facility to a hospital.  The information made public November 22 states the former governor's administration "substantially revised" a state report to exclude the deaths of nursing home residents at hospitals in order to boost Cuomo's reputation.

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Daniel Barry

In March, the Judiciary Committee hired a Manhattan law firm to investigate whether there were grounds to impeach the Democrat.  Cuomo resigned in August to avoid a likely impeachment trial but still denies he did anything wrong.

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Both Republican New York State Senator Fred Akshar of Binghamton and Democrat Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo of Endwell praised the release of the committee's report. Lupardo says the report corroborates the Attorney General's investigation and other entities will now decide if further actions should be taken.

Other members of the legislature have publicly stated that they are certain criminal charges will be filed against the former governor, at least in relation to the sexual misconduct allegations.

Cuomo's camp says any finding based on the Attorney General's investigation is "flawed" as Cuomo claims Letitia James's report is "politically motivated."

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