Oh man! There were quite a few times when I was pregnant with my son that all I wanted was my mom, but she wasn't able to be with me. And since my family isn't from here, I didn't have an aunt or grandma as backup either.

If you've every found yourself in that same situation, where you needed a mom to talk to or if you've found yourself feeling homesick and in need of your mom, but she can't be with you like mine wasn't able to be with me- no problem. You can now rent a mom. Seriously.

63-year-old Nina Keneally started NeedAMom. NeedAMom is a New York City-based service that offers motherly advice and guidance for Millennials (or anyone, for that matter) for $40 an hour.

Keneally, who worked in theater and counseling and has two sons, realized a lot of people needed a motherly presence, so she helps with everything from advice to party planning to helping write resumes.


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