If you remember having to get up to change the television channel, you’re probably heading for an AARP membership. You won’t believe what item with remote my wife just bought.

I was sitting in the living room last night and I noticed my wife bought a new fan, the AC was not on so I decided to get up and walk across the room to turn on the brand new shiny fan.

My wife handed me a remote control for the new fan she bought and said you can adjust the speed too.

I’m sure a remote control fan is not that uncommon, but it got me thinking about how technology has really planted us right on the couch, and modern science is constantly coming up with new ways to keep us there.

We have also reached the point of voiced controlled remotes, like Alexa, Siri and whatever is around the corner.

Last month my granddaughter Alice was at our house and she kept saying she wanted to watch a particular kid show, she just turned three, so we weren’t quite sure what she was saying, but it sounded like Bubble Guppies, so I grabbed the remote, hit the button and said Alexa Bubble Guppies, and in less than a second the voice of Alexa said Here’s Bubble Guppies and an episode came up on the TV screen.

We have remotes that we can control from our smart phones, we can raise and lower the temperatures of our homes while hundreds of miles away.

Technology has made our lives so comfortable you wonder have a what would happen if we had to go back to getting up to change the channel, or turn on the fan.

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