What is it like to own a pirate ship? I've wondered that in the days since I learned of one for sale. If I owned a pirate ship would it be like winning the lottery? Would people come out of the woodwork and want to be my friend just to hitch a ride on the water or would people think I was out of my mind for sailing around a lake in a pirate ship?

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Earlier in August, a man named Daniel Corder posted on the Facebook group for Hampton Roads Trash & Treasure that he was looking for someone who had a spare $9,500 and wanted to buy a pirate ship. Once people set their eyes on the vessel, they fell in love with the idea and the listing went viral.

Sean Janowicz of Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, a little town with a population of just under 3,000 people located in Wayne County, is the proud new owner of the "Intruder" and according to his Facebook page, he plans to sail it around Lake Wallenpaupack which is about 45 minutes outside of Scranton.

Sean Janowicz
Sean Janowicz

Daniel Corder, seller of the Intruder, joined Sean for his maiden voyage as a pirate ship captain and shot a video of the excitement.

I was secretly hoping that one of my friends would scoop up the ship so that I could play pirates with them, but I'm happy to see this beauty land in the hands of someone so close to home. If you missed our original story on the boat, be sure to check out these photos:

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