Do you have a certain sound that just gets on your nerves and gets in your head like nails on a chalkboard or hard core rap,so what about the sounds that bring us comfort?

I like to fall asleep to 'Family Guy', but my wife says it has the most annoying sounds she has ever heard, and I suppose the sound of Peter Griffin and his nonsense can be quite annoying to non-fans, so we settled for 'Shawshank Redemption'
Morgan Freeman's voice is comforting.

What are the sounds that relax us the most?

  • The sound of someone humming. I would think that would depend on their musical ear, off key humming may have a reverse effect.
  • Trains. Although I don’t think a train rolling down the track at 2am would calm me, but apparently the overall sound of the train is rather soothing.
  • Shower Running: The sound of the shower running has been identified by some as a calming sound.
  • Silence: Sometimes its best when you hear nothing at all.
  • Rain on the window: Now that’s something we don’t have to wait for in the southern tier, there is always a chance of rain on the window
  • The Television: I would agree to a point that TV can relax you, but avoid programs like sports or reruns of I Love Lucy.
  • The Radio: Yes I knew we would get into this category
  • Birds Chirping: This is one of the most popular sounds that relax people the most, as long as it is not one of those loud cackling big mouth birds.


What are the sounds that relax you the most?



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