Father's Day is this Sunday. Do you know what you're getting dad? I figure I never get what I ask for so I'm gonna ask for a tie.

Then I'm sure that I'll get what I really want...Chinese buffet gift cards or golf course green fees. Are you gonna give dad a card this year?

Hallmark cards are nice but if you want to get him a card that says what you really think then you may want to get him one of these this year:

Thanks for Putting the Fear of God into All My Potential Mates. PLEASE, PLEASE quit showing them your "disappearing foot trick." Signed, Your Loving Daughter Tara.

I Love All that You Do. . .Except leaving the door open and not turning on the fan when you're in the bathroom.

Sure, I Bought Mom a Car. . .But a couple of car wash coupons are pretty cool too.

Dad, You're the Best . . . But please, never send a Facebook Friend request to me.

I actually went to buy myself another Tasmanian Devil tie and the kids asked me to put it back. Happy Father's Day to all the dads and I hope you get what you really want on Sunday morning.

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