The weather is starting to warm up and we are doing more outside around our residence. Mowing the lawn, moving the outdoor furniture, and picking up fallen branches in the yard.

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Do you know what else we can find as we are moving things around??? Snakes. For most of us, that would have us RUNNING back into the house but that's not true for everyone. In fact, there is a place not far from the Southern Tier where people gather near snakes WHAT!!!

It's in Noxen, Pennsylvania and it's a massive fundraiser for the volunteer fire department. It's the "Annual Rattlesnake Roundup" and people travel from all around the country to check it out.

Apparently, you can learn what rattlesnake venom looks like, participate in a rattlesnake measuring contest, and how to handle a rattlesnake. It's a super popular event, check it out for yourself.

Snakes Alive! Annual Rattlesnake Roundup in Noxen, Pennsylvania

It's been going on for almost 50 years and snake hunters catch venomous and non-venomous snakes. They are measured and safely released unharmed back into the wild.

Noxen, Pa is about an hour and a half from the Southern Tier and is about 10 minutes outside of Tunkhannock. The event has been around since 1973 at the Fairgrounds at 3493 Stull Road in Noxen.

The roundup is from June 16th to the 19th this year and features games, crafts, and live bands. You'll find young and old alike at the large pen (main attraction) filled with rattlesnakes and other non-poisonous varieties.

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