When you buy cookie dough ice cream from the store, do you eat the ice cream first and save the little pieces of dough for last? When you were a kid and made cookies with your mom, did she shatter your heart by not letting you lick the raw dough off of the beaters? If you answered yes to either, you need Dough Life in your life!

I recently heard that a new business called Dough Life would be opening in the Oakdale Mall and my curiosity was peaked. Could it possibly be that this would be a place where I could fulfill my wildest cookie dough fantasies without having to worry about those pesky things called E. coli and salmonella?

As a matter of fact, yes.

Dough Life Edible Cookie Dough has been popping up in malls and shopping plazas all over the East coast and for good reason- people are addicted to cookie dough and once they find out that they can safely indulge in edible cookie dough that comes in a variety of tantalizing flavors they spread the word, and suddenly, everyone wants a Dough Life near them. Can you blame them?

Dough Life, which originated in Buffalo, serves up their cookie dough ice cream scoop style and features flavors like King Caramel which is dough with caramel, sea salt, and dark chocolate. They’ve also got S'more Please which is dough with graham cracker, fluff, and mini chocolate morsels and then there's The Old Fashioned which is dough with cinnamon, oatmeal, and raisin (I really want to try that flavor!)

Ali Burak Saracoglu will open the Oakdale Mall location of Dough Life in the very near future and is excited to bring new business to the mall, saying in an email, “I have seen how the people in the Greater Binghamton area get worried and upset whenever they hear about a store leaving the mall. I’d like to show them there are also people coming into the mall and bringing exciting new products...

Ali first came to Binghamton as a student at Binghamton University, but instead of leaving, Ali decided to stay in Binghamton because this community was so warm and welcome. Binghamton is Ali's new home.

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