Forget all the fake news, if you want the facts listen to the radio, a recent survey says the most trusted news source is us, your radio station.


I have worked in radio for several years and when I started we were live 24/7, it was before the internet and CNN so people really depended on their local radio stations to inform them of any breaking stories both local and national.


In this era of false stories and con-lines that get you to click on their web site, radio can still hold its head up and say we’re live and we’re local!


I speak for our radio group here in Binghamton because we have live morning shows and our traffic information is not piped in from a source mile away.


If a road is closed or a traffic accident has an area backed up, we will be able to tell you about it in time to possibly avoid the area


According to the website radio world 77% of the people survey believe that radio is the best source for trusted news.


TV and Newspaper were respectfully second and third on the list.


Coming to work everyday and being able to open the mic and talk live to you is the greatest job in the world and I can’t think of a better way to make a living.


Thank you for making us your choice for music and trusted information.

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