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Today’s Film:
Psycho (1960)
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Writers: Joseph Stefano 
Stars: Janet Leigh, Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles
Box Office Total: $32 million
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 96 percent
Currently Streaming On: Peacock

Why I Watched It: I’m still working my way around the Peacock streaming library. NBCUniversal owns the rights to many of Hitchcock’s American movies, so Peacock has an entire “collection” of his work. The majority are in Peacock’s pay tier, but the four most famous titles — PsychoVertigoRear Window, and The Birds — are all free to watch with ads. Last week, after everyone else in my house was asleep, I decided to put on Psycho for the umpteenth time ahead of its 60th anniversary. Like pretty much every other time I’ve watched it, I found new things I had never noticed before. (I’m going to assume you have seen Psycho before reading this, but regardless SPOILERS are ahead for this 60-year-old thriller.)

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