The final season of Bates Motel ended on Monday Night, if you were ever a fan of the Hitchcock classic you will love this television version with Incredible twists and mesmerizing characters.

According to IMDB the show debuted in 2013 with the prequel to the 1960 Hitchcock thriller ‘Psycho’ which featured the character Norman Bates who killed his mother and murdered many women who came to the Family Motel.

This story starts before all of that when Normans mother Norma, buys the motel after her husband dies from a presumed accident in the home.

Freddie Highmore plays the Character Norman Bates, he is an amazing actor who really finds and brings out the dark side of Norman.

Vera Farmiga plays Norma Bates, a character we were never introduced to in the original movie, she creates the odd relationship with Norma that sometimes seems a little too close.

Norman also has a brother named Dylan who was another character that was absence from the original movie.

There are a host of supporting actors who just make this series intriguing and believable.

The time period is one of modern times because they have cell phones and some late model cars, but other than the area revealed as Oregon they actual years are never revealed.

This series took some real chances with the story line and did not follow the movie in many areas, but kept just enough to make you believe these other things could have existed in the 1960 blockbuster.

I won’t spoil it for any of you who have not seen the series, I know the first 4 season should be available on Netflix or Prime.

Bates Motel is one of the best movie to television series I have ever watched.


Check out a few previews of the series below





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