Memorial Day weekend kicks off the official BBQ Season and we love our cook outs with family and friends so let’s talk grillin’ and such.

Barbecue season is here, so let the cooking begin and here's a way to tell if you're in need of a Propane Refill.
Have you ever had your propane grill tank run out right in the middle of a great barbecue?

Last summer we had friends up for a cook out the grill was fired up and the food was starting to cook when all of a sudden, THUD, the flames went out, we ran out of propane.

I had to jump in the car and go find a place that sold filled propane tanks, and it would, have been a lot cheaper if I had known my tank was dangerously low.

Most propane tanks don’t have any way to gauge the level of propane.

My buddy Don had a way to tell how the level of your propane tank, here’s how he said to do it.

Before you start cooking if you just take a glass of hot water and pour it down one side of the tank and feel it with your hand, the top of the tank should feel warm from the water, unless it is completely empty it should feel a lot colder as you move your hand down the outside of the tank.

If the tank starts feeling colder a third or even halfway down, you should still have a fair amount of propane left in the tank, but if only feels cold at the very bottom, you better fill up or have a replacement tank ready.

So get the grill ready and enjoy the weekend!

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