Do you look at the expiration date on your milk container, and then give it the whiff test to make sure it’s still good?

A study out of Cornell University tested people to see how skeptical (91%) people were when products neared their expired date of freshness.

The study had two products both with at least of a month or so of freshness left, but one of the items has an altered date closer to the expired time. The survey revealed that most people did not trust the products that were closest to their expiration date in spite of the fact that these products all had the same date in reality.

What products do you distrust when it comes to their degree of freshness?

Here are my top 5 ‘Must Be Fresh’ items

  1. Milk: is a big one for me and there is nothing worse than a mouthful of spoiled milk.
  2. Tomatoes: They get all wrinkled up and taste really bad.
  3. Pretzels/Chips; Invest in some of those dollar store bag clips and keep your snacks fresh longer.
  4. Bread: If you don’t use a lot of it freeze it and take out what you need, bread is porous and doesn’t take long to thaw.
  5. Cookies/Baked Goods: Because nobody wants to bite into a rock hard oatmeal brick, one trick is to put a fresh slice of bread in with your baked goods and close with a lid.

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