September has arrived and the end of summer is just a few weeks away, the leaves are already starting to change color and fall off the trees as Autumn approaches, so how do we prepare?

My wife and I are already making our list of things to do as we prepare for colder weather, it’s never too early to get started on winter preparation, and doing as much as you can before it gets too cold and you’re left with a mound of tasks.

Here are a few places to start planning


  • Get your furnace ready: Whatever means you use to heat your home, it is time to give it a checkup, I would recommend hiring a professional to check out your heating system and make sure it’s ready to go with the cold weather hits.
  •  Test your smoke detectors and CO2 detectors to make sure they have fresh batteries and are working properly.
  •  Outdoor Repairs: Check for any damages to your walkways and other areas outside your home, this is the time to make repairs to those places around your home.
  •  Seal Cracks and Windows: While it may be too early to seal up your windows, you should make sure you have the proper materials on hand to weather strip and caulk those areas.
  • Inspect and clean your gutters and drains: The leaves are starting to fall and many will find their way into your house gutters, so be ready to clean and flush out your homes gutters.


Prepare now and you won’t be sorry, winter will be here before you even realize it.



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