Last week I wrote about Americans being too politically correct, but I'm not done. Here are a few examples of non-pc rule bending in our school systems.

Many schools will hand out zany awards for stand out students in various categories, but a school in Texas may have gone too far with the categories they selected for students at Anthony Aguirre Junior High school.

According to the website the root one of the awards, presented to a black student, said: “Most Likely to Blend In With White People” While another student received the “Most Likely to Become a Terrorist’ The parents of these kids are furious and want the people responsible fired.

What were these teachers thinking when they came up with this? I mean these are kids, it’s not the Comedy Central Roast!

I have a great sense of humor and if it were two ethnic comedians throwing funny stereotypes at each other I would probably laugh, but we’re talking about kids being embarrassed in front of their peers and this is one case where I believe you should be politically correct

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