Pixar just released a new trailer for their upcoming buddy adventure film OnwardThe story follows a pair of elf brothers (voiced by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt), who are gifted a magic scepter that will reunite them with their father for one day. The spell is almost a success ... until only the bottom half of their dad reappears. Watch as the mismatched siblings embark on a quest to literally rebuild their family before the clock runs out:

This second trailer is significantly more emotional than the first trailer, which was released in October. The first look made Onward seem like an upbeat, wacky road trip movie complete with a rock-and-roll soundtrack, which was slightly odd considering the subject matter. These teens are trying to bring their father back from the dead to spend one last day with him! That’s not all fun and games! But Onward’s second impression offers all the sentimental, gushy feelings we’ve come to associate with Pixar. While the concept is undeniably bizarre (how did they even come up with this idea to begin with?), at least it marks a new pattern of Pixar taking risks again rather than only coasting by on sequels.

Onward will hit theaters March 6, 2020.

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