One of the spectacular star gazing events will happen next week with one of the best meteor shower displays of the years, The Perseids will be visible much of August but next week will be the best.

I am a huge stargazing fan and have made it a point to view events like the annual Perseid meteor showers, one of the northeast's most spectacular terrestrial moments. The Perseids are named after the constellation Perseus, which is the where the showers are positioned in the sky.

The Perseids will be visible through August 24th, but next weekend August 11th through the 13th  will be the best displays.

Not sure where to look? Look to the northeastern sky anytime after dark till sunrise, and you'll see several of these colorful streaks. Most about the size of a grain of sand.

The moon could cause some problems with visibility at times ti will be about three quarters full and rise late in the evening

If you live in the city it would be best of you drive to a safe remote location to escape the glow of the city.

I live outside the city and have a great view of the northeaster sky, so I have seen several of the annual events. I have found the best way to watch for meteors is to sit in a lounge chair that reclines back, so that you can watch the sky without straining your neck and back.

If sky conditions are good just sit back and enjoy the show!


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