The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is upon us. It is time to fill out your bracket and literally have no idea what you are doing. But, that is all of the fun. I love filling out my bracket and then having my dreams ripped away from me when my championship pick loses in the first two rounds.

I can kiss that $800 winning bracket goodbye.

It is no surprise that work productivity drops during the month of March. Offices have basketball parties and may even have an office bracket challenge. I know we have a company wide challenge here, and I expect to win.

I saw that 20% of people admit to watching basketball tournament games at work. I thought this number was super low. Then I kept reading.

It ACTUALLY said 20% of people admit to watching basketball games in their offices BATHROOM!

Don’t lie to yourself, you know you jump on your phone while you are using the facilities. Now I know why the number was so low. Most people wouldn’t admit to using their phone in the bathroom, let alone admitting they use it to watch college sports!

We are a few games into to the tournament now. So, speaking of toilets: that is where my bracket is headed!

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