I feel like this is illegal. But man, I get it...

So a man from Pennsylvania moved to China just to abandon his student loan debt. Chad Albright graduated in 2007. He entered the real world swimming in debt (aren't we all) He said he hadn't been able to land a job so he bought a one way ticket to China to leave all his financial troubles behind. “I wanted that diploma, and I was willing to work for it. Everyone always told me it would be worth it," Albright said.

Albright said he felt like there was no other choice. His degree in public relations wasn't getting him anywhere, at the time still lived with his parents, he said he was super depressed, so in 2011 he said "screw this" and moved to China leaving his 30 thousand dollar debt behind.

Long story short, Albright hasn't checked his student loan account in almost 8 years.

Honestly, I feel his pain 100 percent....i feel like moving to Africa sometimes. But the thing about Salle Mae is that she WILL find you. Shes gonna get her money one way or another.

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