Can you feel it? Summer is on its way. we're in the part of spring where the temperatures are rising and at comfortable temperatures. The only issue would be for those who suffer from spring allergies. I understand how uncomfortable it is. For the first time ever, I spent most of the last spring dealing with allergies. This year, so far, so good.

Anyway, with summer just around the corner, also comes summer jobs. Maybe you are looking for some extra work in addition to what you are doing now, or maybe you are returned and looking for some added income.

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The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is looking for workers from April through October through their 2022 Summer Maintenance Program. According to a press release, there are several opportunities for jobs in District 4 which includes Susquehanna and Wayne Counties. The list includes the job type and pay rate as indicated below:

  • Engineering Scientific and Technical Interns ($15.49) - Eligible College Students
  • Government Services Interns  ($15.49) - Eligible College Students
  • Transportation Construction Inspector ($20.91)
  • Transportation Technicians ($18.53)
  • Highway Maintenance Worker ($15.49)
  • Custodial Worker 1 ($16.08)
  • Semi-Skilled Worker ($16.45)

This list does not necessarily mean these jobs are open in every Pennsylvania county. Check with your county for details. There are openings in three categories 1- open to the public, 2 - internal positions which are open only to Pennsylvania Commonwealth employees, and 3 - internship opportunities for students.

For a complete list of job openings in District 4 of Pennsylvania along with other districts in the commonwealth, visit the PA employment website.

via Pennsylvania Employment Opportunities

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