There was a story in the news about a teacher who offered her students $100 if they would stay off all screens, Computers I Phones etc. for 11 days, got me thinking what other things we should pay people Not to do.

We are a country obsessed with screens, from my 3 year old granddaughter, my 14 year old niece, all the way to my 85 years old father who loves YouTube videos.

So what other things can we pay people not to do?

  • Stay on their side of the walkway: How many times have you gotten stuck behind a group of people completely hogging the sidewalk, while walking at a max speed of a snail.
  • Pull over and let you by: You have an 86-and-a-half-year-old women in the car in front of you going 10 miles per hour.
  • People who leave trash laying on the table and don’t pick up after themselves: They sit down at a table in the self-serve restaurant or food court and get up leaving their garbage on the table, although you shouldn’t have to pay people for that, maybe a refundable deposit that they get back after the table is inspected, like they do with the Aldi’s shopping carts.
  • Drivers who pull into the while striped pedestrian area at the intersection forcing the people crossing the street to walk into the edge of the intersection outside the white lines, on second thought those people should probably be ticketed.

Anyway, could you really go 11 days without using a computer, smart phone, TV etc.? I don’t think I could and even if you could would it be worth $100? A $1000 maybe, but that’s for another story

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