Many shopping malls are offering packages that seem a bit pricey. How much would you pay for the memories of your child sitting on Santa’s lap in a portrait that will last a lifetime?


Do you remember the excitement of getting dressed up and going to get your picture taken with Santa Claus? I don’t remember if there was even a fee back then, but it couldn’t have been much.


Today there are several price packages the web site Moneyish has quoted prices that start from around $30 with some deluxe packages at over $300.


The website also says that are some places that sell line passes (like they do in Disneyworld) that get you to the front of the line.


We had an Uncle who had the Santa suit so we would get pictures taken with him, but I was a teen then and played along for the sake of my younger brother and sister.


I remember going to one of the department stores in downtown Binghamton and seeing Santa Claus and getting a picture with him.


We also had to wait until the picture was developed and sometimes my mother had to come back in a few days to get the picture.


I still think about Christmas as a child and Santa was always the X factor for me, the magic in the season and I tried to put that in my children’s Christmas memories and now my granddaughter Alice.


I hope the holidays are magical for you and your family!

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