The word came down from the home office and it’s time to change your password. Most people have several passwords to various websites, and I don't know about you, but trying to remember them all is taxing on my tired brain.

Most of us have passwords for Facebook, email, banking, shopping, Netflix or other entertainment services, so, how do we remember all of those?

There was an article in the Washington Post a few years ago that suggested writing down your passwords and storing them in a secure or secret location. This is what I do for some of my less important sites.

Some passwords can be saved in your account and again if they don’t contain personal information and naughty pictures, I say have the computer save it. I am constantly forgetting my password and clicking on the forgot my password link and starting over again..grrrr.

And, have you ever noticed when you're putting in your passwords that it will tell you if it's strong enough? I just learned that my grandmother's maiden name was weak, and my childhood pet wasn’t strong enough either.

Have you noticed that many of the new computers and smartphones have a thumb sensor or a retina scan? I could handle the thumb sensor, but I don’t know about scanning my eyeball, that’s kind of creepy. There are also password manager apps that will safely store all your passwords, but you need a password for that too.

I’m sure new technology will eventually make the password and login obsolete but until then, you can hide it behind the bookshelves.

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