There is a certain kind of love that comes when a person has a child. As the daughter of two outstanding parents, I realize that, when I was growing up, there was nothing my parents wouldn't do for me.

Halloween meant my parents were dressing in funny costumes and during play time, whether I was with mom, dad, or both, we were having tea parties- crowns, dresses, and all.

Well, parents Adam and Tanya Phillips of the U.K. knew that when their daughter, Honey-Rae was born with an usual birthmark, they would do everything in their power to protect her from outsiders. Honey-Rae was born with a red birthmark that extended from her lower back to her toes, all along the right side of her body. One day, during the summer, Tanya noticed people making comments and staring at her young daughter's birthmark. Some parents would choose to cover their child up. Some would choose to confront the person making remarks.

Tanya and Adam Phillips decided to see a tattoo artist. Both parents now have tattoos that resemble the exact birthmark their child has in hopes of making her feel better about looking a little bit different.

It is amazing to see two people mark their bodies up for the sake of their child and it really shows just how strong a parent's love can be. I'm not a parent yet, but one day I hope to express the same kind of love for my children as these two parents have for theirs.