Are you stoked that your little people are headed back to school soon or are you bummed? If you're like most parents you're probably pretty excited. It's been a record hot and humid summer and when temps are unbearable, the days seem so much longer.

While your kids are probably groaning about having to go back to school, 76% of parents say they're secretly happy their kids are going back to school. Only 24% of parents say they're bummed.

Here's the catch though- as much as moms and dads like having their kids at school, they don't want them there all the time.  83% say they love having the kids around during the summer, and only 44% would want their kids to have longer school days.

The survey also found 70% of parents think their kids get the right amount of homework, 17% think it's too much, and 13% think it's not enough.

100% of kids think they get too much homework. Okay, the survey didn't say that I did. But you know it's true!

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