I think each of us has dreams of a life where we get to live in a glorious location in the house of our dreams. I also think that most of us know that reality actually has a different set of plans for the majority of us and so that's why we tend to get lost in shows like 'House Hunters' where we can live out our fantasies through someone else's reality.

According to NY Up, Julie and Ike Lovelass of Owego are living the dreams so many of us have and will appear on an episode of 'House Hunters' where the show will help them find a historic and charm filled property that they'll turn into an inn.

If Julie and Ike's names sound familiar, it's probably because they've been a staple in the Owego community as owners of the Owego Kitchen since 2015. Ownership of the Owego Kitchen has brought the couple an abundance of success and this is what helped seal their decision to open an inn for those who travel to Tioga County.

In an interview with WBNG, Julie said, "We see an awful lot of travelers coming through Owego, off of Route 17, and there weren't a lot of options. So we figured it would be a great opportunity to open an inn."

While Julie and Ike must remain tight-lipped until the episode airs about what properties they visited (and which one they ultimately decided on), they did reveal that they visited two homes in the Village of Owego and one in Apalachin.

According to WICZ, the 'House Hunters' production crew rolled into town last November and spent eight hours a day over the course of five days filming. The actual show is only 22 minutes long and will air this evening, Tuesday, May 22nd at 10:30 p.m. on HGTV.

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