When you talk about the town of Owego, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For many, the first word they think of is "historic." If you've visited the area then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

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In April 2021, the historic 110-year-old fire bell at the Owego Central Fire Station's clock tower was removed for restoration. The bell was known as "Old Joe" as a memorial to one of the village's police chiefs.

Old Joe was sent to a facility in Ohio to be sandblasted and polished and then was to be returned to the Owego Hose Team's Steamer House. The Steamer House was going to be built next to the Owego Fire Station #2 on North Avenue.

The bell was sent to The Verdin Company in Ohio in September.

Where Is The Historic Owego Fire Station Bell

As of May 2022, "Old Joe" is still under restoration at the Verdin Bell Company and is undergoing sandblasting with a fine polish. If everything goes as planned, the construction of the Steamer House Building could start this summer including the installation of the bell.

The bell will chime on the hour and special occasions like it did in the past. The Steamer House will also showcase the Owego Fire Department's 1866 Amoskeag Steam Fire Engine and 1939 Sanford Hose Truck.

To help with the costs for the restoration of the bell, the Hose Team is selling "Doc T Preferred" bell stocks in honor of Dr. Thompson who donated the bell in 1911. $25 gets you one pound of the bell with only 813 pounds (the bell's weight) to be sold.

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