Things have changed because of the coronavirus pandemic with many people being furloughed or losing their job completely during this difficult time. Even those that kept their jobs are feeling the money crunch.

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If you live in New York, you may have some money coming your way and you don't even know about it. It's New York's "Unclaimed Funds" where there is over 16.5 billion in lost money for 2020. You read it right, 16.5 BILLION in unclaimed funds.

Banks, insurance companies, investment companies, and many other businesses are required by New York State law to surrender inactive accounts or unclaimed funds to the State Comptroller. That could mean expected money in your pocket

Did you know that New York State returns $1.5 million to those who file every day and some could be yours? It's hard to believe but New York could have money to give you. It may sound too good to be true but it's worked for me and my friends in the past and it can work for you too.

It's simple, start here to look up the specific counties and regions for your unclaimed funds, they even give you search tips. IT'S FREE to check and see if you or your organization has cash coming your way.

Search for lost money and answer a few questions like your name and city. While your at, why not see if any other member of your family has money coming. They'll love you...and they might even buy you lunch.

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