The Twin Tiers is saying farewell and thank you to hundreds of utility workers who flooded into the area last week to help get power back on to tens of thousands of residents impacted by the late-season heavy snow overnight April 18.

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New York State Electric and Gas reported less than a half dozen customers in the Southern Tier and Central New York without power on April 25 with officials “assessing” the situation for individual customers in Nichols, Berkshire and Marathon.  The majority of customers were back online by late Friday, April 22 or the afternoon or evening of April 23.

New York State Electric and Gas photo
New York State Electric and Gas photo

Utility trucks from all over the northeast were seen in the Binghamton area throughout the week with staging areas for equipment in parking areas at the Oakdale Mall, the Home Depot store in Westover and other locations.

As many of the large utility trucks were seen at local diners and on the roadways Sunday, presumably preparing to head back home, tree service and cable company crews may be busy for the next couple weeks assisting in the removal of the debris and restoration of service.

There were no serious injuries reported as a result of the storm.

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